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to DENTAL IMPLANTOLOGY CLINIC, please take a virtual tour of our clinic. If you need assistance regarding our services, please use the free initial consultation, visiting us in person or contact via the internet.

We will provide you with detailed information on the possible solutions to your problem, making sure you will soon be able to enjoy your healthy, beautiful smile.

The Cristal Titan Award

Symbol personality dentist Mastery in the art of rebuilding a beautiful smile. Statuette Crystal Titan is awarded to dentists whose work and dedication make not only beautiful smiles, but also give patients an invaluable sense of security. During the Days of Implantology Congress, award was handed to the best doctors in Poland. It is a confirmation of the highest quality in dental implantology certified by Dentsply Implants.

Gentleman of the Year Award

Plebiscite motto “the Gentleman is a gentleman not to sometimes.” It is a unique event culture-which, in accordance with its fundamental idea, which he distinguishes from the Pomeranian opinion-forming circles of ten eminent personalities and promotes public awareness noble attitudes and values.


days of clinic work







completed medical studies in Gdansk, specialist prosthetist. For many years as implantologist member of the European Association for Osseointegration EAO.
The experience gained in practice, constantly deepens knowledge participating in most prestigious international implantology symposiums in Los Angeles, Gothenburg, Boston, Vienna, conducted by recognized world dental authoritie..
Since 1989, runs a private practice gradually transforming it into a specialized Implantology Center, which became his professional passion.
Wieslaw Frankowski believes that a satisfied patient is the best advertising office. Privately very active sports. The former judo, a lover cyclist and swimmer. Resting in contact with nature. Interests: literature and music.

Orthognathic Surgery

It is a branch of maxillo – facial surgery dedicated to the treatment of congenital facial – occlusal, in cooperation mainly with orthodontic treatment and very often treatment-general-surgery. Orthognathic surgery allows patients with congenital morphological improve the facial profile, eg. To undo the lower jaw, shape around podnosową or eliminate protruding chin. With osteodistraction can set jaw and the lower jaw in position improving facial features, breaking down Overload TMJ.

Technology & Equipment

All prosthetic work is being digitally designed using CAD/CAM system. Than all-ceramic, zirconium superstructure are being build within 2-3 days in our dental laboratory on site. They are manufactured by highly qualified technicians according to trends of modern dentistry. All tasks emphasise use of materials that are most biocompatible with human tissues like porcelain and titanium.

Using a microscope is specially useful during endodontic treatment of root canals. Those tasks are assisted with laserand ozone treatments. Professional tooth cleaning especially in cases of periodontitis is performed using the revolutionary VECTOR system.

We are able to cut by half, the time needed for Orthodontic treatment by using a surgical corticotomy procedure, which also affects the stability after orthodontic treatment with fixed braces.

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